Aussie Champ Feeding Time
Happy Pooch

Let’s cut the crap

Help your four-legged friend live their best possible life.

Designed with your Dogs Health Front of Mind

Doggy Life-changing

Absolutely no junk or nasties! Only the good stuff for our champions, perfect for picky eaters and sensitive tummies. Your bestie will be the happiest, healthiest pooch in the park.

Improved Gut Health

The proof is in the poop! Make sloppy poops and bad farts a thing of the past. Naturally rich in fibre, nutritionally balanced, and no crap means smaller, firm poops and a very happy owner.

Clean and Green

Our food is all-natural, made from sustainably sourced, true blue Aussie meat, garden veggies and superfoods and comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

Delicious + nutritious

Chock-full of everything you need to nourish them, and nothing you don’t!

Our ingredients are deliberately kept to a minimum so we can guarantee you’ll always get the very best.

Happies healthiest pooch in the park
Meaty proteins first & foremost

True blue Aussie Grass-fed Lamb or sustainably sourced Wild Kangaroo.

No synthetic vitamins and minerals

Premium ingredients provide all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs, naturally.

Nutrient-dense & balanced

Topped with garden veggies and superfoods and rich in fibre, good oils and vitamins. A balanced & complete meal.

Healthy inside and out

Glucosamine, DHA, omega 3 and 6 provide optimal support for calm skin and shiny coats. Great for our four-legged friends with allergies & sensitivities.

Energy for days

Without the carb overload, your dog will be healthy and active all day long.

Less smells

With only the best quality dog raw materials used to make Aussie Champ pet food, there will be less smells to deal with….naturally.

Great taste

With more natural meat your dog will lick the bowl clean and be looking for more.

Our Promise to You

Return the Unconditional Love

The Aussie Champ Difference. It’s like night and day.

Top Notch Wild Kangaroo with Superfoods 4kg Bag

Our Kibble

Commercial Kibble

Other Commercial Kibble

Make the switch

Is your dog's food contributing to their health issues?

Dodgy meat and cheap ingredients found in your average dog kibble could be causing health issues for your dog. We know poor nutrition can lead to problems such as allergies, diarrhoea, short life spans, and poor immune systems. So let’s cut the crap and help our four-legged friends live their best possible life.

Champion your bestie!

Only the good stuff for our champions.