Here at Aussie Champ, we believe every dog deserves the best

Here at Aussie Champ, we believe every dog deserves the best
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Our Story

Our fluffy, flour-legged, best mates are our champions, let’s face it, we love them more than we love most humans. So why are we feeding them food that contains fillers, waste products and hidden ingredients (crap as we like to call it) with no nutritional value?

We know it’s become increasingly harder to choose the right food for your pet, you’re overwhelmed with choice and without proper regulations, misleading marketing and part truths have become the norm. Well, we say bugger that.

Our journey towards creating a top-notch, dry dog food starts with Cam, a no-nonsense, Aussie bloke who for a long time made pet food for the ‘big’ players. Frustrated with the constantly changing recipes, sub-par ingredients and marketing ploys, Cam decided to cut the crap and craft a kibble with his dog’s health front of mind, a kibble he knew his dog (and yours) would thrive on and wouldn’t cost the earth… one that would champion his bestie!

Cameron Sewell Aussie Champ
Cameron Sewell Aussie Champ

Our mission is to deliver delicious, balanced and nutritious dry dog food. With everything you need to nourish your dog, and nothing you don’t! Made consistently every time from true blue, sustainably sourced Aussie proteins and whole foods.

Absolutely no junk!

And no more upset tummies, runny number 2s, stinky farts or bad breath. Because nobody wants that!

It all starts with Aussie Spirit

We are unashamedly and uniquely Australian, it’s in our nature.

Aussie Spirit

100% Australian made and owned. We share a one-of-a-kind spirit and attitude that embodies equality, loyalty and friendship.


We tell it like it is. We are not trying to compete, we are only here to deliver quality, every time with 100% transparency so you know exactly what’s on your best mate’s plate.


Quality always. We celebrate true blue Australian produce with meaty protein numero uno. 90% of our ingredients are sourced here in Australia.

Our Values
My Aussie Champ

Champion your bestie!